Health insurance

It is an insurance that covers the costs of medical treatment in Poland. Health insurance allows you to receive medical assistance form your General Practitioner (family doctor) or to receive hospital care, excluding accident insurance (so-called NNW). Your health insurance entitles you to use the services of medical facilities (health care centres, hospitals, clinics). Documents confirming having health insurance:

Private insurance policy

Such insurance policy must cover the costs of medical care in Poland (medical assistance and hospital care). Accident insurance does not constitute proof of insurance covering the costs of medical treatment in Poland. Note that the policy must be valid on the day the decision on granting a residence permit is issued.If you pay by instalments, make sure to submit proof of payment (original for inspection).

Foreign insurance policy

Health insurance policies concluded in languages other than Polish should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator. The originals of both  – the health insurance agreement and the certified translation should be presented for inspection.

Social Insurance Institution - ZUS

Provide the proof of  insurance registration in ZUS along with proof of payment of social insurance contributions.

Insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ)

Provide the original of the insurance agreement for inspection, along with current confirmation of payment of monthly contributions (from the day of the conclusion of the agreement until the day you receive your decision for residence permit).

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