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The specialization of our office is a full legal assistance for foreigners. Primarily, we help in carrying out the processes of foreigners’ stay legalization. We give advice on the choice of the most suitable purpose of a person’s stay, help to compile the necessary documentation and support the persons, who use our services throughout the entire process.
We also offer comprehensive advice for employers who are planning the employment of foreigners. We explain, what documents are necessary for this process and give legal advice.

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– Said EKMEN, Foreigner Legalization Specialist

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The services we offer within the scope of immigration and naturalization services in Poland are listed below.

Residence Card

We will help you with step by step information and provide support with all required documents to process your residence permit application.


We will help you with step by step information and provide support with all required documents to process your visa application.


We conduct the appeal proceedings for persons, who have received a negative decision regarding a residence or work permit.

Study in Poland

Poland is an attractive destination for students. International students can study at public universities in Poland at an average cost of 2,000

Setting up

Are you trying to build your own business in Poland? Don’t know where to start?


You can buy the health insurance required for residence permit or visa application from us.

Exchanging driver's license

The driver's license that's been issued outside of Poland is valid here for about six month.

Obtaining PESEL Number

In care winshape camps launched life-changing summers with our very first overnight camp.

We got a residence card for our clients.
We got a study or work visa for our clients.
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